We do what we do best:
3D, Illustration, Animation
 Paper Art, Graphic Design.

CharlieCharlie represents a range of the best contemporary 3D, Illustration, & Animation artists.

Based in Stockholm, we operate with brands and companies worldwide. We are passionate about high-level craftsmanship and originality and always strive to develop first-class creative results.

Our artists, carefully hand-picked from all over the world, are well-established specialists in their various craft techniques and visual expressions, working in the advertising, design, and publishing industries. Together they offer a comprehensive blend of unique styles.
No matter the type of request, whether a full-fledged advertising campaign, a 3D production, an illustration, or a full-scale animation production, get in touch, and our team will provide you with high-quality solutions.

If you want to get in touch to discuss a project, please email charlie@charliecharlie.se

To get in touch about representation, please email repr@charliecharlie.se

Who we are

Charlotte Öström, Founder, Senior Agent & Producer

With a decade of experience as an agent and producer, with a constant passion for aesthetics, Charlotte has a well-trained eye for visual expression and artistic craftsmanship. Charlotte comes from a background as an Art director, illustrator, and animator, which has given her valuable insight and understanding of all types of productions. Charlotte has excellent experience in curating the right artist for each brief and works closely with her artists and clients. Over the years, she has worked with many prominent clients, brands, and agencies worldwide.

Brands we work with