Meet our artists.
A group of brilliant, fun and
dedicated people. 


3D, Graphic Design

Yoyo Nasty

Illustration, Painting

The contemporary painting artist and illustrator Linnéa Andersson

Linnéa Andersson

Illustration, Murals

Erica Jacobson

Illustration, Animation

Vector artwork portrait by illustrator José Antonio Roda

José Antonio Roda

Illustration, Animation

Handpainted shopping window by Marc UÅ

Marc UÅ


Hand painted artwork in painterly style by Malin Gyllensvaan

Malin Gyllensvaan


Watercolor dreamscape illustrated and hand-painted by the Swedish illustration artist Stina Persson

Stina Persson


Vector artwork; woman portrait by the iconic illustrator Bo Lundberg

Bo Lundberg

Illustration, Graphic Design

Typelettering animation by Jaume Osman

Jaume Osman

Animation, Illustration, Lettering

Pride illustration with graphic vector illustrated elements and people by Fredde Lanka

Fredde Lanka

Illustration, Animation

Ingela P Arrhenius


Paper artwork for Fazer, OOH outdoor ad campaign by Hampusha


Paper Art

Miguel Guercio

3D/2D Character Designer & 3D Artist

Branding campaign illustrations for the beauty brand Jones Road Beauty, by Christina Gliha

Christina Gliha


Editorial drawings by Dennis Eriksson

Dennis Eriksson


iconic and bold 3D art by Riya Mahajan
Illustrated photorealistic style portrait of Max von Sydow by Eplet